Two new horses for Anna19-05-2019 - 10:35

Anna recently bought two stallions from Helgstrand Dressage

The first one is the six year old elected stallion Devonport (F: Dancier, GF: Ravallo). Despite being young Devonport is already well-educated and Anna is excited about the stallion’s great work ethic.


“He is extremely easy to work with and shows a great will to work and do good. The task with him will be to remember that he is still young and he needs the right amount of time to progress. But he is definitely not a horse who does not want to work, and on top of that he is really beautiful and sweet,” Anna says.


She is considering testing Devonport in Young Horse Championships later this year, but for now he will get the time to get comfortable in his new home. Devonport has already done great in the German Young Horse Championships and the Bundeschampionate.


Until this point Devonport has been available for breeders, but Anna wants to keep Devonport as a competition horse only, so his sperm is now only available frozen through Helgstrand Dressage.


The other stallion Anna bought is Addict De Massa (F: San Amour, GF: Maestro) and this horse is in Anna’s own words “almost ready for Grand Prix”.


“He has a great work ethic too. I have to get to know him at first, and he needs more strength, but it seems like he thinks everything is easy, so I am really excited to get to work with him,” Anna says.


Addict De Massa has been ridden by Andreas Helgstrand since 2018, as Andreas planned to keep the horse himself for competitions, but since so many potential buyers showed interest in the stallion, Addict went for sale, and Helgstrand Dressage are now happy that the stallion ended up at Kasprzak Dressage.


Press release from Helgstrand Dressage (in Danish).