Two bronze medals for Josefine and Driver31-07-2019 - 16:31

Josefine won bronze twice at the U25 European Championship in Italy.


Josefine Hoffmann and Hønnerups Driver just returned from the European Championship with much better results than expected. They participated in the U25 European Championship for the first time and won bronze in both the team competition and the individual freestyle. The result might take a few more days to settle with Josefine.


"I don't think I understand what really happened just yet," the happy rider says. She is now back in Denmark after riding the European Championships for the U25 in San Giovanni in Italy last week. It was Josefine's and Driver's first season compeeting in U25 classes, which is why Josefine was fairly relaxed about the results of the championship before the European Championships.

"I thought it might be fun to get on the podium, but because of the long journey to Italy and the heat, I just wished that Driver and I had some good rounds down there," Josefine says.  


“Driver can be special when he's out and we were a little nervous about how he would react, but he just took it all easy. It was insanely hot down there, so we had to constantly make sure the horses got enough fluid and energy, but Driver kept calm throughout. He really enjoyed it and was completely relaxed, and I think he enjoyed being there, ” Josefine says.


Two bronze medals around her neck was certainly not something Josefine had expected when they first started riding Intermediaire this Spring, but she has received some good support from Anna, who coaches her back home.

“I didn't even expect to participate in the European Championships, but Anna have been preparing us for U25 level since the beginning of this year, and then we just moved forward and forward." 


Josefine and Driver score was 73,855 percent in the individual competition right after Bianca Nowag and Sir Hohenstein from Germany in second place with 74,455 percent. The championship was won by Jeanine Nieuwenhuis and TC Athene from The Netherlands with 77,670 percent.


Overall, Josefine says, the European Championships was a great experience for the whole team of horses and riders, and in the team behind has made great efforts to make it a success regardless of the final results.


“The team has been fantastic, we have been there for each other all the way. Everyone did their best in the heat, we looked out for each other and the horses and our chef d'equipe has been a huge support to us," Josefine says. The Danish U25 riders received medals at the European Championship in the team competition for the first time i history.


So what is next for Josefine and Driver?  Josefine mentions ECCO Cup qualifying and finals as opportunities, but as she says:


"Now we'll just enjoy being back home and relax a bit, and I will to keep Driver happy and satisfied."