Fuhur injured after Herning11-03-2020 - 14:05

An inflammation in the SI joint forced Anna and Fuhur to withdraw from Grand Prix Special.

Anna was ready to compete with Fuhur in CDI3* during The Danish Warmblood Stallion Show, but had to withdraw after Grand Prix on Thursday.


Fuhur was lightly injured during Norwegian Horse Festival in February, where he got stuck in the stall and got an excoriation on his right hind leg. Unfortunately this has turned out to be an injury in Fuhur's SI joint.

"The training with him before Herning was not intense because of his injury, but it felt different on Wednesday when training extended trot. Fuhur had trouble stretching, but everything else went fine," Anna says.


The vet checked up on Fuhur before leaving for Herning to make sure, he was fit, and had no objections, so Anna and Fuhur went to Herning and competed in CDI3* Grand Prix, but Fuhur was not fit after all, which is why Anna withdrawed from Grand Prix Special.


"I was really looking forward to show off Fuhur, but I had no choice but to withdraw him."


Fuhur is now in recovery and his SI joint has had a scintigraphy which showed inflammation in his right side.


"The vet still thinks Fuhur getting stuck in the stall in Norway is when he was injured, but the injury is more serious than first anticipated. And we could not see or feel anything until now which makes it hard to know what we should have done differently," Anna says.


During the examination the vet found an inflammation in Fuhur's facet joint which is now under treatment too.


The following days Fuhur will have some days off with walks without a rider, and he can be ridden from Monday starting with only walking. Afterwards the training can slowly begin again.


Anna expects to participate when the national team is having a two day bootcamp on April 1st and 2nd, and later in April she and Fuhur will participate in Hagen, Germany.