Future breeding projects in 2020 and 202127-04-2020 - 17:59

Kasprzak Dressage is expecting three foals this summer.


The three foals are expected to be born in May and June. At the same time six mares are going to be inseminated while three mares are already pregnant.


Breeding mare Favienne (f. Fürst Heinrich, gf. Riccione) is expecting a foal the 14th of May. The father is Vitalis, and this combination is known to Kasprzak Dressage already, as one year old Valiant has the same parents.


“Valiant looks good and we are very satisfied with him. Favienne and Vitalis seems like a great combination,” Anna says. She is planning another foal for Favienne in 2021, but with a different father.


“We will try to get Favienne pregnant with Revolution. The combination of the two seems intriguing.”


Anna is choosing the combinations of mares and stallions together with Mette Bonefeld Thomasen, the daily manager of Kasprzak Dressage’s breeding department. Breeding mares Sunshine Star (f. San Amour, gf. Damon Hill) and Las Palmas (f. Londonderry, gf. Weltmeyer) are expecting foals in June.


“Sunshine Star is expecting a foal from either D’Avie or Springbank, as she was inseminated twice,” Anna says. Both stallions are from Helgstrand Dressage. Sunshine Star will be inseminated again – next time with Callaho’s Benicio – after foaling.


“Mette suggested me using Benicio on Sunshine Star. I did not know this stallion, but he gets good grades in Grand Prix. And sometimes you have to try something new and different,” Anna says. She is putting a lot of trust in her breeding mare too.


“Sunshine Star has the whole package, and I am not afraid to take a chance with her. She has great genes and breeds beautiful foals.”


Third mare expecting is Las Palmas, who was bought while pregnant this winter. The foal's father is the German stallion and 2019 WBCYH silver medalist Secret.


“Secret is an intriguing stallion and the father of many beautiful foals, and we are really excited to meet our foal from him," Anna says. Like Sunshine Star, Las Palmas will be inseminated after the foaling too. This is because both of them are giving birth as late as May and June this year. Las Palmas will get to carry the foal of Total McLaren, a stallion co-owned by Kasprzak Dressage and Helgstrand Dressage.


In 2021 Kasprzak Dressage is expecting nine foals. Three mares are already pregnant. Fergie with Revolution, Lady Lou (f. Lord of Loxley, gf. Domburg) with Janeiro Platinum, and then there is a surrogat mare pregnant with an embryo transfer foal between Total McLaren and Victoria’s Secret (f. Vitalis, gf. Fidermark).


La Brinka (f. Björsells Briar, gf. Precocious) will be inseminated with So Perfect, Schönste (f. San Amour, gf. Diamond Hit) will be inseminated with Negro, and Unika (f. Revolution, gf. Lord of Loxley) will be inseminated with Dynamic Dream. Both So Perfect and Dynamic Dream are co-owned by Kasprzak Dressage and Helgstrand Dressage. 


“All of a sudden we will have plenty of horses who need food and attention, and therefore we are already preparing to sell some of them. I would love to keep all of them and see their development, but this is a business and selling is a part of the game,” Anna says. Next year Kasprzak Dressage are breaking in six youngsters. 


Mette Bonefeld Thomasen helps Anna make the decision on who has to go.


“If we will get ten foals every year, we might sell three of them as soon as they don't need their mother anymore. Even though we will have many horses I will not sacrifice my way of keeping them. There has to be room for meeting the needs of every one of them. It is a process learning to say goodbye, but I love this job and I am really excited about breeding horses on my own,” Anna says.