Merry Christmas from Kasprzak Dressage18-12-2020 - 15:53

2020 is coming to an end and it has been a year like no other.

Leaving 2020 and soon entering 2021, Anna looks back at a year far from "normal" and with big changes both professionally and private.


Being an athlete has definitely not been easy this year, as we all know, because Covid-19 happened and almost every competition and tournament were cancelled including the highlight of the year, The Olympic Games in Tokyo that was postponed until 2021.


"This year has been one of a kind for me with all the cancellations due to Covid-19 which made planning ahead totally impossible. And on top of it my horses have been injured. So when The Olympics was postponed my boyfriend and I decided that the timing was right to try and have another baby, and luckily that went well," Anna says. She is expecting her second child in March 2021.


The pregnancy is naturally making it hard for her to keep riding her horses as she is used to, which is why other riders are taking over for her.


"I was hoping to participate in Vilhelmsborg World Cup 2020 in October, but my body was not up for it, so I was happy to see Andreas taking my place now that Fuhur was in such great shape," Anna says. Andreas Helgstrand, her long time coach, and Fuhur took fifth place in the CDI3* Grand Prix and third place in  CDI3* Grand Prix Special. Until Anna is ready to take over the training of Fuhur and Addict, Andreas will be keeping them in shape together with Josefine Hoffmann.

"I have more or less stopped riding at this point because it does not feel comfortable anymore and then neither me nor the horses get anything out of it. I can warm them up, but then Josefine takes over from there," Anna says.


The goal for 2021 is clear, but with the pandemic and off course the new family member in mind.


"The Olympics seem to happen in 2021, and you should never say never, but I am not aiming for it at the moment. It seems bold to try to prepare going to Tokyo with a four months old baby, but if the baby and the pandemic will allow it, I would love to participate in The Danish National Championships next year," Anna says. The last time she participated in The Danish National Championships was a few weeks after giving birth to her daughter, Ella, in 2018. 


Back home in the stables in Haderslev two new horses just arrived from JE Horses and they are doing great already. Even more horses will follow as Kasprzak Dressage are breaking in no less than five homebred youngsters this Spring. Fargo, Donovan, Valentina, Vaiana and Valerie are with expert guidance from Mette Bonefeldt Thomasen og Stine Dam Andersen slowly but steady learning to be riding horses.


"We want to take it slow with all of them, and right now they are getting familiar with the bit, the girth and are lungeing. When Spring comes, Mette and Stine will break them in, and afterwards all of them are getting a long break during Summer. This time I am really excited to follow their journey from youngsters to riding horses, because there are five of them. We never had that many at the same age at the same time and it will be fun to compare them to each other," Anna says.


In the new breeding department that opened this year, where Mette is the one in charge, the upcoming year will be busy, as Kasprzak Dressage is expecting eight foals in 2021. 


"I am happy to say that our breeding department is thriving and Mette is doing a great job," Anna says. 


The foals are: Revolution x Favienne (sire Fürst Heinrich), Revolution x Fergie, Janeiro Platinum x Lady Lou (sire Lord of Loxley), Total McLaren x Victoria's Secret (embryo) (sire Vitalis), So Perfect x La Brinka (sire Björsells Briar), Negro x Schönste (sire San Amour) og Dream Boy x Sunshine Star (sire San Amour). The eighth unborn foal is Jameson RS2 x Atterupsgaards Daffodill (sister to Atterupgaards Cassidy) and will move in when it is weaned off its mother. 


There are many things to look forward to in 2021.


"I am wishing for a new year a little more "normal" than what we just went through! And we are wishing all of you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!"