Victoria's Secret "Vicky"

Victoria´s Secret (Vicky) was acquired by Kasprzak Dressage in September 2016.

Despite her young age, Vicky is already an experienced horse, with a Bundeschampion title from 2015 (4-year-old dressage horses) and as reigning World Champion for 5-year-old horses with er former rider, Beatrice Buchwald. Since Anna took over the reins in September 2016, the mare has won both the semifinal and the final of the Danish Championships in dressage for 5-year-old horses.

"Vicky is maybe the best horse I have ever ridden, she just has it all. A superb balance and strength, combined with beautiful gaits and a great temper. She is a dream to ride, and I feel lucky to form pairs with her. I very much look forward to every ride with her in the future," says Anna.