Maternity covers for Anna's horses28-02-2018 - 17:29

While Anna Kasprzak is taking a break from riding her horses Rock Star and Quarton due to her pregnancy, two maternity covers are ensuring her horses stay in shape.

With only two months until the birth of her first child, Anna is no longer riding, but to ensure that the horses are still fit for when she is returning in the saddle later this year, her horses Rock Star and Quarton are trained by coach Andreas Helgstrand.


”Andreas rides the two horses every second week, where they stay over night at Helgstrand Dressage in Vodskov, Northern Jutland. Both horses are being trained twice every time,” Anna says. Andreas training her horses can be a great deal in the future.


”When I am returning to the saddle it will be an advantage for me that Andreas knows my horses from riding them himself. Normally he is coaching me by video and we meet at competitions, but him now knowing my horses from riding can only make him a better coach for me in the future,” Anna says.


Back home in Haderslev employee Josefine Hoffmann is riding Rock Star and Quarton on a daily basis and Anna helps her from the ground a few times a week.


”Josefine is doing a really good job, and she is also the one ensuring Pepe stays in shape. He still looks good and he is very fresh – especially in this winter cold,” Anna says.


Another one of Anna's horses, the mare Romanova (8), is on a long term stay at Helgstrand Dressage.


”I have had Romanova since she was four years old, and she has always been on the right level according to her age, which is why she has had more breaks from competition than the other two. But she is a feisty lady with a huge potential, and now she is getting into work,” Anna says.


”Romanova is a pleasure to work with and I am really excited to see how she will develope, now that we are focusing more on her.”


Even though Anna is not riding, representatives from Kasprzak Dressage are still showing this weekend, when the first leg of ECCO Cup is held in Sundeved. Josefine Hoffmann with Driver and Victoria K. Pedersen with Donna Fetti are competing in Young Rider Class. Victoria and Donna Fetti are making their debut at this level. Josefine Hoffmann is also starting in national league on Louis, which is for sale, on Friday and Sunday.