Anna is set to start at the national championship06-06-2018 - 19:14

This weekend Anna will compete for the first time in four months.

Just two weeks ago, Anna returned in the saddle after a four month break due to her pregnancy and the birth of her daughter, Ella, and the decision to participate at the national championship in dressage at Broholm Slot this weekend was made at the last minute.


“When the day for the registration deadline came, my groom Jane told me that the time had come to make up my mind. I was quite sure I was not going to attend, but something made me sign up eventually,” Anna says.


Wednesday she went to Broholm with Rock Star (Rocky), which is the one she has ridden the most since her break.


“Rocky and I was doing great in training, actually better than I expected. He is gentle to ride and I trust him completely, so the decision of which horse to bring was not hard, it had to be Rocky,” Anna says.


Anna has been a little sore from riding in the past few weeks, but not more than you would expect after a long break. Along with her coach Andreas Helgstrand she decided to give the national championship a chance.


“Andreas had no doubt in telling me to go. He has been riding both Rocky and Q, and he told me to “get those white breeches”,” Anna says. Andreas has been coaching her since Sunday, and she is looking forward to compete again - but she is cool and calm about the results.


“This will be the event, where I get started again. Riding Grand Prix might feel a little rusty, and I have to learn how to compete with my baby in the audience as well. No goal of ranking this time, and we’ll see how it goes.”


Anna and Rocky are competing in Grand Prix on Thursday, Grand Prix Special on Friday and kür on Sunday.