New star in the stables08-06-2018 - 10:00

A potentiel star moved in at Kasprzak Dressage.

Anna had an eye on the eight-year-old gelding Patrik for a long time, before she bought him from Andreas Helgstrand this spring. The attraction was in fact so big that she bought him without having redden the horse.


“I saw Patrik for the first time when he was four years old, where I fell in love with him. I kept asking Andreas if he wanted to sell, but the time was not right. But suddenly he told to come see him, but at that time I was pregnant. So I ended up buying Patrik without trying him first,” Anna says. It was enough for her to see Patrik being ridden by someone else to make af decision.


“Patrik is this kind of horse, where you can tell he is talented by just watching him. And there were other people interested in him, so we took a quick decision to buy.”


Because of Annas pregnancy Patrik stayed at Helgstrand Dressage in Vodskov until last week, where he “moved home” to Haderslev, where Anna got the first chance to ride him., and what a success it was.


“It felt so good, he has a lot of qualities, and it is possible that he can be a subject for the next Olympic Games. Of course Patrik and I have to get to know each other, but I do not see any weaknesses yet. He is a solid and sturdy horse, but when you get on his back, he is very awake and elegant. And even though he is only eight years old, he shows such great potential in all Grand Prix exercises. On top of that he has a wonderful mind,” Anna tells with great joy.


When the national championship, where she brought Rock Star, is over, she will start the training with Patrik for real.


“We’ll see how far we can go, but a year from now I think it will look very good.”