Anna opts out Falsterbo Horse Show participation12-07-2018 - 14:30

Anna has chosen not to participate ind Falsterbo Horse Show og will because of that no longer be in the run for the World Cup this September.

“I wasn’t ready and Quarton wasn’t ready. If we trained really hard, it might be possible, but my gut feeling was telling me to quit this time for me and my family. And making that decision was a huge relief,” Anna says. She will not compete the following months and therefore not get the qualification she needed to enter the World Cup in North Carolina, United States this fall.


The combination of a two months old baby daughter and horses who are not yet so confident in competing internationally, a new chapter in life has been revealed for Anna.


“If Pepe, who has a lot of international experience, was up and running, and I didn’t have a baby, the situation would be much different. But my main joy and priority is my family and being a mother, and from now on this will come first.”


A new freestyle program was recently made for Quarton, who would have had his debut in Grand Prix, but the debut is now postponed for when the indoor season begins.


"I worked a lot with Quarton and nothing is wasted. The plan is to continue the good work. I recently had national coach Nathalie on visit and she gave a lot of great advice on both Quarton and Rock Star,” Anna says. Now she is looking forward to take a little time off and enjoy the summer - something she is not that use to.


“I haven’t had a summer without events in more than ten years, so this is all new to me. I am really going to enjoy not stressing about training and the next show. There will be a lot of them for me to enter in the future,” Anna says.