Merry Christmas from Kasprzak Dressage21-12-2018 - 11:00

2018 was a quit year in terms of riding for Anna Kasprzak.

Even though this past year have been full of joyful moments for Anna,  2018 was also a year where she spend less time riding horses than ever before.


"It has been a quit year riding-wise, but that does not bother me at all. First of all I became a mother in May, and because of the pregnancy and my new born child I had to take a break from riding. I had to say goodbye to the dream of participating in the World Championsship in the U.S. in September, but looking back I am satisfied with not going all the way over there with a new born baby. And then Donnperignon retired in October. So there are many reasons to why I did not ride that much this year," Anna says, having no regrets about it.


"It might have been quit when it comes to riding, but family-wise this year have been busy, and I am happy to be able to put my family first. It is a new life and we all have to find our way in it, so even though I have been wishing for more time, so I could spend time with both my child and my horses, it has been a both healthy and wonderful lesson to learn that no horse is harmed by me prioritizing motherhood," Anna says. She owes a lot to the team who helps out with securing that the horses stay happy and healthy, when she is busy being a mother.


"If I did not have such good employees, who takes such good care of all the horses, this could not have happen."


At this point Anna has seven employees helping out in the stable. Four are there fulltime, while the remaining three are part time employees. About a year ago two new members joined the team, and by now all of them are working really well together.


"There is a great atmosphere among everyone and that is really important to me. Over the years there have been many replacements because some of the employees have worked with us in their gap year and because of that they have left after a year or two. But right now everyone is working here without an expiration date, and that makes me very happy," Anna says.


This year Kasprzak Dressage welcomed no less than six home bred foals. By now they are all living at home in Haderslev after being weaned from their mothers. Anna also bought future possible star horse Patrik. Patrik is stabled and trained by Helgstrand Dressage at this moment, until Anna gets the opportunity to take over. If this will happen in 2019 is too soon to tell, but it is safe to say that Anna will spend more time riding in the new year than she did in 2018.


Kasprzak Dressage wants to wish both collaborators, sponsors, employees, friends and family a joyful Christmas and a happy new year and we wish for many more great experiences with the horses both home and abroad.