An exciting new year has begun03-01-2019 - 17:00

While 2018 offered less riding for Anna than ever, this year will be different and filled with many more hours riding.

Anna is currently training four of her horses. Those are Rock Star, Quarton, Romanova and For Emotion, and for all four of them this year will include a lot of training and testing how far they can go at competitions. For Romanova for instance there is one exercise in particular that needs practicing.


"I am hoping for Romanova to try her first international Prix St. Georges this year. She is doing well in training, and she knows how to do a lot of the hard exercises in Grand Prix, but we are still having a hard time doing flying changes succesfully. But I really believe in her, she just needs more time and training. She is such a sweet horse and fun to work with, so we won't give up," Anna says.


Anna is also hoping for Quarton to get back on track after he has been drowsy during riding in the fall.


"I suspect his change of fur to be the reason, he has been tired and lethargic. We took blood tests, but nothing showed, so now he will get more vitamins and maybe he just won't be ridden that often when he is changing his fur in the future," Anna tells about Quarton, who will be 10 years old in 2019. The equipage have been competing on Grand Prix level since 2017.


Another Grand Prix horse Anna will keep riding and competing with in 2019 is Rock Star, who at this moment is developing and growing physically.


"He is becoming much stronger and many others comment on how muscular and fit he looks," Anna says.


"And I can feel it to, especially on the rein. He is less insecure now, and getting him to do the exercises have become easier," Anna says.


Before January is over she wil test her horses at a national competition in Esbjerg, Denmark on 18th to 20th of January. Anna will bring Quarton and Rock Star for sure, and maybe Romanova will join them too.


In addition to the three horses Anna has also taken over the training of For Emotion, who spend most parts of 2018 at Helgstrand Dressage. It is too soon to tell if For Emotion will be competing this year, but Anna is not in a hurry to find out either.


"He is learning and developing as he should, so I am not in a rush. He is still young and we have plenty of time," Anna says.


The same goes for the two youngsters Stawberry and Falcon. In 2019 employee Stine will be breaking in three year old Tiara, an embryo foal after Romanova with Galaxy Win as her father.


"We are not in a rush with any of the youngsters. Tiara is growing a lot and she needs time and energy for it. I don't know yet if Strawberry and Falcon are competing in anything this year. It depends on how they develope. And I can't say for sure that we are keeping them, but they are not really for sale either. At this moment we enjoy seeing them grow," Anna says.