Anna and Rock Star are competing in Joosland10-04-2019 - 15:14

This weekend they are riding Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special.

Anna just arrived in Joosland, The Netherlands, to compete in CDI 3* Zeeland Outdoor International. On Thursday she and Rock Star are riding Grand Prix and then Grand Prix Special on Saturday.


“Rock Star seems ready for the task, and my hope is that we can do even better than we did the last time, when we competed in Herning in March,” Anna says.


“After Herning we had a break, but now it is time to get going and compete outside of Denmark too. I have chosen to compete domestic mainly out of comfort for my family, but travelling to compete in a different country is an important part of being af dressage horse, and Rocky has been smooth sailing with short distances – until now,” Anna continues, as she has sent Rock Star along with her groom Jane to The Netherlands on Wednesday.


Beside Anna and Rock Star, Josefine Hoffmann and Driver and Victoria K. Pedersen and Donna Fetti will represent Kasprzak Dressage in Joosland, along with a lot of other Danish riders.


“Many Danes are competing in Joosland, so I think we will have a good time there. I remember the event as very well put together, and even though it is outside and the weather might be a bit cold, I am sure we are going to have fun,” Anna says. She and Rock Star competed in Joosland at the same event in 2017 as well.


Follow the results here.