A win and an unfortunate injury in Norway17-02-2020 - 18:12

Anna and Fuhur won in Grand Prix, but had to withdraw in Freestyle.

This weekend's Norwegian Horse Festival 2020 was Anna and Fuhur's first time competing international together. They arrived in Norway Thursday night and during training Friday morning Anna had a good feeling about her new horse.


"It is always exciting to compete international with af new horse, and I was really surprised about the good conditions we were offered at Norwegian Horse Festival. We could practice without being disturbed," Anna says.


The first task for Anna and Fuhur was Grand Prix Saturday night, which they won with a total score of 71,587 %. Danish Marianne Yde Helgstrand and Dennis Fisker came in second and third.


"I am really satisfied with the victory, and I feel like we have all the basic exercises under control and are going in the right direction. Fuhur really has no weaknesses, but we have to keep on practicing the transitions. We lost expensive points this way this time. But Grand Prix is difficult and requires a lot of practice," Anna says.


Next up for Anna and Fuhur was Freestyle the following Sunday, but unfortunately Fuhur got stuck in the stable during a roll in the stall, so they had to withdraw.


"We were happy and satisfied on Sunday, and our practice that morning was good, but then my groom Jane called from the stable telling me that Fuhur was hurting. He had ripped off his shoe and had an excoriation on his right hind leg.


"The vet in Norway told us not to be too concerned, and this week Fuhur is getting a check up from our own vet on Thursday. Hopefully they won't find any serious injury. And next time we will book a larger stall for him, cause he is after all a pretty big horse," Anna says.


If the vet will allow it, Anna and Fuhur are competing in CDI3* in Herning in the beginning of March, while Anna and Addict are going to be af part of the galla show Saturday night.