Kasprzak Dressage

"Welcome to a team dedicated to dressage horses and a continuous development of the sport with respect for the horses as center of attention."
Anna Kasprzak, dressage- and national team rider.

In the stable you’ll find the horses that Anna Kasprzak rides: those who are already competing and those that are still being educated. Kasprzak Dressage is also housing horses for other riders and horses that are for sale.

Kasprzak Dressage is established with the horses as center of attention and a dedicated focus to results through respect for each horse.

“These horses are top athletes and if we are together to deliver results, we need horses that are healthy and strong - physically as well as mentally. I take great pride in working with this dimension of the sport.” Anna Kasprzak.

In our stable, no two horses are alike – not by looks or mind. Each horse has its own individual education plan that respects and fulfils the needs the horse has.

“I spend a lot of time getting to know my horses and understand their personalities. It is essential for the way the horse has to be educated and ridden. You can’t ride all your horses in the same way. They have different needs – like you and me.” Anna Kasprzak

Around Kasprzak Dressage there is an entire team ready to help and ensure the best possible care for the horses.

We have a masseur that often coddles and cares for the horses, skilled farriers, regular visits by the veterinarian and dedicated horse grooms who care for the horses every day from early morning to late night.

“This is not just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. And we are dedicated to doing our best. Every day. The stable carries our name and that is a responsibility we take pride in.” Anna Kasprzak.

Kasprzak Dressage