Anna Kasprzak, 2013
Anna Kasprzak, 2013

Name: Anna Kasprzak, dressage- and national team rider

Born: 8 December 1989

"Dressage is a sport where there always is something to learn. Always something to improve. I put a lot of resources into getting to know my horses, no two are alike, and they all have different needs." Anna Kasprzak

Name: Jane Kallestrup Larsen, groom

Born: 24 May 1985

Jane has been the groom for Anna´s competition horses in the past six years and has thus joined Pepe and Anna at all the large shows around the world, incl. the Olympic Games in London and Rio de Janeiro. Jane´s most important task is to ensure the well being of the horses at all times.

Before joining Kasprzak Dressage, Jane worked with other professionals, among other for Blue Hors.

Jane is born and raised in Ejsing, Denmark, and has her own horse, Pina Colada.

Name: Josefine Hoffmann, groom

Born: 29 June 1997

Josefine has worked with Kasprzak Dressage since the summer of 2016, where she graduated from high school. Joserine has brought her 6-year-old horse, Top Genes Shetan, aka. Topper, to Haderslev. During 2017, Josefine has successfully been competing Anna's horse, Driver at young rider's level.

Name: Stine Dam Andersen

Born: 19 September 1992

Stine joined the team of grooms at Kasprzak Dressage in December 2017

Name: Line Bjørnskov

Born: 30 December 1995

Line has joined Kasprzak Dressage in December 2017 as groom.

Name: Bettina Skøtt Madsen

Born: 4 May 1989

Bettina has helped out during weekends and holidays since 2012.

Name: Camilla Lauritzen

Born: 3 September 1990

Camilla has been a full time groom at Kasprzak Dressage since 1st of January 2018.

Morten Rosenlund Vestergaard, our handyman, always ready to help

Milo, the prankster of the stable

Mis Mis, the captain of the stable (even Milo listens!) and our efficient mouse trap

Murphy, 2015
Murphy, 2015

Murphy is the latest member of Kasprzak Dressage.

A charming little fellow that has made Milo become a fun and responsible big brother.